Aerial Photography 43

Truly affordable aerial photography

It is an all-too-common event that a customer will set out to find an aerial photography company for their needs, only to be completely discouraged by the typically high fees for this service. Yes, operating full size aircraft is an expensive endeavor, but we have developed an effective method of amortizing those costs out through multiple photo shoots per flight. This is how we are able to offer highly competitive pricing for our services, with absolutely no sacrifice in quality. We also don’t require any upfront payment.

We offer all angles – high oblique, low oblique, and vertical – for no extra charge. Using top of the line Canon professional lenses, we capture 20-30 frames covering multiple zooms, elevations, angles, and directions. These super high resolution images are suitable for gigantic wall size prints, or even a billboard.

Over the years we have built a growing list of repeat clients, many who may never have ordered a single aerial photo if it weren’t for our un-matched pricing. We look forward to adding you to this list of satisfied customers!