Aerial Photography 86

We live in the sky

Since 1991, our team has spent more time in the air than on the ground. With a background in aerial stunt cinematography, past projects have taken us as high as 35,000 feet. You have no doubt seen our work on both the big and small screens, for advertisements and feature films alike.

We simply love to capture the story that can be uniquely told through still imagery and motion pictures. Every day we are dreaming up new techniques for photographing a variety of different subjects in unseen ways. This creative approach has earned our team an Emmy Award in the technology category.

Most recently, we have shifted our focus from the artistic side of things, toward developing an Economies of Scale business model that will directly benefit the client. The results of this shift have been phenomenal: we are now capable of offering our services for half the typical cost!  Naturally we are extremely excited about this new development, and hope that this will make available to more clients the unique perspective that aerial photography offers.

Whether it’s construction progress photos or artistic images for an advertising campaign, we welcome the challenge!